What is a Team Leaders’ Dinner and WHY is it so important for us?

Enjoying a nice dinner and learning about how you can improve your leadership skills? That sounds like a pretty good way to spend an evening. This is what our Team Leaders’ Dinner is all about. We organize this event quarterly because we believe in a strong community.

The idea came from the general director, Sander Geels, and its main goal is to bring all team leaders together, get to know each other better, share great stories over lovely food and drinks, and leave the event with lots of new tactics and ideas to try out in their roles.

Here is a recap of the last dinner we organized this year.

This dinner was the fourth edition in a series of similar events. It was light and informal as usual. Networking in a pleasant and casual setting with colleagues who share the same struggles as you are always a good idea. Besides that, we enjoyed nice drinks and tasty food. 

In the previous editions, we discussed specifics of projects, technologies our teams work with, difficulties in teamwork, and teamwork methods, but this time we wanted something different. During our last retreat, we had an interesting discussion about mental health and burnout.

Andrei Eşanu, our guest speaker, explained the causes of burnout, why it is crucial to prevent it, and the main challenges that arise when a team member is feeling burned out. 

Team leaders shared their experiences, including how they dealt with teammates who felt burnt out. This topic kept the discussions going because resolving such an issue requires effort from both parties, the team leaders, as well as the team member.

We concluded that burnout results from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed and that the team leader should pay attention to how his team members feel because overcoming burnout is way harder than preventing it.

In the second part of the evening, Valeriu Bobutac, team leader and project manager, emphasized the importance of personality tests. His advice was: “It is crucial for the long-term survival and the culture of your team so please make sure to invest in this area of your role as a leader. Personality tests help better understand and manage a team.”

There are many different personality tests, and here are two examples that work better for Valeriu’s team: “Myers & Briggs’ 16 types” and “DISC Personality Test”. While the DISC personality test can give you a general perception of a teammate’s work ethic, the Myers & Briggs test is a more in-depth test, to better understand a person’s point of view and small details that not many people notice at the first glance.

Both tests can help a team leader better understand the right approach to his/her team members. The tests can also help when delegating tasks – you can better spot who is more suitable for which task. Though personality tests are still underlooked, they can totally change the way a team interacts with each other.

To conclude, we had a very enjoyable evening. We discussed ideas and suggestions with our colleagues who encounter the same difficulties and problems daily. We definitely look forward to the next edition where we bring professionals to the table focusing on improving the leadership skills of our team members. Cheers!

Do you want to join the next event? Check our vacancies and become part of our team!

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