1Kapper.nl is the largest online booking platform for hairdressing appointments in the Netherlands. It makes part of 1Afspraak.nl, a platform created for online appointments in the beauty industry. The company also offers online checkout system. In addition, 1Kapper.nl develops websites and booking apps for salons.
4suites is a system of connected hardware and software, powered by the Internet of Things, that brings intelligent access solutions to hotels. Including: Cloud based mobile keys (no app install needed), Cloud connected locks, lock upgrades and readers, Cloud based keycards, real-time access management and insights, fully automated and connected to PMS of clients choice. 
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AskPhill is a Shopify development agency. They specialize in E-commerce strategy,  Design, Development and Data For Growth. AskPhill helps brands keep themselves at the ever-shifting edge of e-commerce capabilities. They only serve brand2customer customers and build and maintain the store for them.
Best4u Media is an innovative full-service multimedia agency that has been working on satisfying its customers since 2004. Their approach is characterized by creativity, flexibility and professionalism. Best4u Media works with different departments on various projects. The team consists of a balanced mix of specialized developers, designers and support staff who are perfectly attuned to each other.
Emendis is doing custom software development, blueprint development, Wordpress development. They focus on Web, mobile development, usability testing, project management and SaaS solutions. Specializing in various business markets: agriculture, dental care, mailing software, event management software, resource planning tools.
Expert Network is a nearshore software company, with offices in Belgium & Romania and a growing team of 80+ IT experts. Their goal is to shape the tech environment through their own business model, their own projects and their engagement in creating local value.
FYB is an IT Services Company, headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. They are a complete web solutions provider, serving a multitude of clients from around the world, from small businesses to big corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups.FYB offers Magento development services (1.x and 2.x platforms), PHP based bespoke programming services, WordPress based applications, online marketing services and optimisation strategies.
InStijl Media is an e-commerce specialist from the eastern Netherlands. They are specialized in making templates (themes), technical customizations, unique designs, and apps for both Lightspeed and CCV Shop. InStijl Media builds web shops for a wide variety of customers and is an official Gold Partner of Lightspeed and CCV Shop.
JustCarpets is an online retailer of car mats. They produce car mats for every make and model. They do this fully automated and only sell online. They organized the production themselves from Kampen in the Netherlands and they have a production location in Poland. JustCarpets has webshops all over Europe that are linked to a backend that takes care of the order processing.
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Lemon is a full service development agency from Belgium. The digital partner in delivering business impact by designing, developing, launching and maintaining digital solutions, using the most modern technologies.
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Packaly is the fastest last-mile delivery platform that combines businesses and their customers with an on-demand delivery service. They create the opportunity for every single company to deliver a package in 60 minutes or the same evening. They operate in 35+ cities in multiple European countries with more than 1200+ delivery drivers. Packaly has a website and mobile application available on Google Play and App Store. What makes Packaly special is that they provide this piece completely CO2 neutral. They deliver only by bicycle and via electric cars and vans.
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Publisher Place offers solutions for online marketing agencies and marketers who want to buy backlinks for their clients in a clear and easy way. Due to a wide range of websites and easy filter options, the right link is quickly found to increase the authority of customers. By placing itself between the publisher and the customer, Publisher Place wants to create a market that works faster and is more transparent.
Schakel Marketeers is a marketing agency focused on improving customer experience through the improvement of Marketing, sales and service processes and the reduction of friction in customer communication. They do this with a focus on online products like websites and modern CRM systems. Their marketeers create leads, build brand awareness, and customer communication content. Their front-end developers create strong and fast websites and implement CRM systems like Hubspot and Salesforce. Back-end developers build cutting edge software to connect it all into a frictionless experience.
ShopPop is the all-in-one conversational chat marketing platform for commerce, services and brands, providing the tools to grow, serve, automate, and re-reach audiences through the most popular messaging apps (Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp). The app sends timely & relevant notifications, thus driving customers back to the store for purchase. As a result, businesses get higher open rates, engagements, and sales. Shoppop's main goal is to become the biggest chat marketing company in EU on commerce/Shopify.
Blue10 is there to help entrepreneurs of SME companies in the Netherlands manage their contracts and improve their procurement. Procurement is a business process that is underexposed in the SME market, hence the idea of launching the Blue10 product.
Staff Capital is the corporate of several collaborating brands. Even though these brands have different expertise, they have one common goal: to enable growth for every entrepreneur. StaffCapital is active in all sectors. They have developed userfriendly HR-tech solutions for every target group based on platform, SAAS and ERP. With this they give companies the right tools to organize their staffing properly and efficiently.
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