Top conferences for developers in 2023 (Europe)

2023 is shaping up to be a great year for developers, with a wide variety of conferences happening around the world. Whether you’re interested in new technologies, programming languages, or industry trends, there’s something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the top conferences for developers in 2023, so you can plan…

Conferences are a valuable tool for developers to keep up with the latest advancements in the field, network with other professionals, and learn new skills.

One of the main advantages of attending such events is the ability to learn from leading experts in the field and gain insights through keynote speeches and panel discussions. 

Networking is also a crucial aspect. It allows developers to make new connections, exchange ideas, and open up to new job and collaboration opportunities. 

Furthermore, conferences provide a platform for developers to showcase their own work and gain recognition.

Though, one thing that stops more developers from attending these events is the entry fee prices. We understand that tickets can sometimes be pricey, especially if you are attending for the first time and you don’t know if it’s worth it. Well, we have a tip for you. 

Most employers are willing to invest in their employees’ development. Some companies may even have a development budget for their employees, like we do, at BackstageIT. It won’t hurt to ask your employer about providing you with a ticket. After all, it’s about improving your performance as a professional and thus improving the quality of your work. 

So, if you’re looking to expand your knowledge, here are a few events you should consider (keep in mind, this is only for the European Region):


BSides Cymru Wales 2023

📍United Kingdom | Cardiff

📅 February 11, 2023

Conf42 Chaos Engineering 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 February 16, 2023


Automotive Grade Linux All Member Meeting Spring 2023

📍Germany | Berlin

📅 March 8, 2023

Conf42 Python 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 March 9, 2023 

AGL at Embedded World 2023

📍Germany | Nuremberg

📅 March 14, 2023

RISC-V at Embedded World 2023

📍Germany | Nuremberg

📅 March 14, 2023

Zephyr at Embedded World 2023

📍Germany | Nuremberg

📅 March 14, 2023

Conf42 Cloud Native 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 March 30, 2023


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023

📍Netherlands | Amsterdam

📅 April 18, 2023

Conf42 Golang 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 April 20, 2023


Conf42 Site Reliability Engineering 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 May 4, 2023

Conf42 Machine Learning 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 May 18, 2023


Conf42 Observability 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 June 8, 2023

Embedded Open Source Summit 2023

📍Czechia | Prague

📅 June 27, 2023

Conf42 Quantum Computing 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 June 29, 2023


BSides Kraków 2023

📍Poland | Kraków

📅 September 2, 2023

Conf42 Rustlang 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 September 7, 2023

Open Source Summit Europe 2023

📍Spain | Bilbao

📅 September 19, 2023

Linux Security Summit Europe 2023

📍Spain | Bilbao

📅 September 20, 2023

Conf42 Kube Native 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 September 28, 2023


Conf42 Incident Management 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 October 19, 2023


Conf42 JavaScript 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 November 16, 2023

Conf42 DevSecOps 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 November 30, 2023


Conf42 Internet of Things (IoT) 2023

📍United Kingdom | London

📅 December 14, 2023

To summarize, attending IT-related conferences is an important way for developers to stay current with trends and advance in their field. Even if it’s not your field of expertise, as a developer, you might learn many great things that can intersect with your day-to-day work. Sign up early to secure the lowest available registration rate, have fun, and travel.

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