Summer 2023 at BackstageIT

Not sure how your summer was, but ours was amazing! Join us as we share our three months of pure enjoyment.  Grab yourself a drink and a bucket of popcorn, sit comfortably, and let’s get started.

June was the month of learning…

We started our summer by remembering our childhood. We had popcorn, cotton candy, many sweets, and fruit, and of course, we couldn’t forget the ice cream. Besides that, we also had the opportunity to spread joy and happiness to the kids walking in the area that day. Some of us went to the park to share balloons with the little ones – this gesture brought lots of smiles to their faces. Such a cute scene to view! And because there’s no children’s day without children, we had some little visitors along the way. Of course, we couldn’t let them leave empty-handed, so they got some presents to remember us by.

Then, we had a “Learning & Development” session, on the topic of public speaking. 

We had the chance to welcome Veronica Coberman, a mentor in diction and public speaking, who shared a wealth of practical tips, strategies, and insights to help us conquer our fear of public speaking and enhance our communication skills. 

During the session, Veronica shared various aspects of public speaking, covering topics such as managing stage fright, structuring effective presentations, improving vocal delivery, and connecting with the audience.

The next big event of June was the participation at TNW. Together with our team, we had discussions with a lot of companies and prospective clients. Thanks to TNW we got amazing leads that we can’t wait to initiate collaboration with. We also had a little time to dedicate to some panel discussions that definitely sparked some new ideas for us.

We ended June having an amazing time on Bingo Day! The energy was buzzing, and the competition was fierce. It was incredible to see everyone come together for a fun-filled day of number-daubing excitement. 

From the anticipation of the first number called to the shouts of “Bingo!” echoing through the office, it was an unforgettable experience.

July was the month of fun…

We started off strong with our annual BBQ party. With the whole team, we gathered at “Casa din Luncă” to enjoy delicious food, relish childhood games, and create unforgettable memories together.

We all needed a break from work, around good people, amazing food, and nature all around us. It was a true feast for all seven senses! From classic sack races to nostalgic “shooting ducks” (don’t worry, no ducks were harmed at this event), we unleashed our inner child and competed with sheer enthusiasm. You could see the joy and camaraderie with your naked eye! 

The star of the show was the rotisserie pork, the smell of it preparing on the fire has kept our mouths watering all day.  After that, we kept the fire going, sat around it, and enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere, with nostalgic songs and dancing together. 

Then we had the Chess Tournament. This is one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year. 

We had an epic showdown that week! Players showcased their strategic thinking and battled it out on the chessboard. It was a true display of mental prowess and tactical finesse.

This year, we introduced a new event called Ice Cream Day.  Our taste buds savored an array of delectable ice cream flavors – from classics to exotic delights! But the real cherry on top was the exciting contest that followed!  Teaming up with colleagues we didn’t know well, we discovered shared interests, hobbies, and even hidden talents. The more things we found in common, the bigger the win! The competition was tough, but the laughter made it all worthwhile!

Learning & Development about Implementing Clean Architecture

For the first time in the history of our Learning & Development Sessions, one of our good colleagues took the stage as the speaker, and he absolutely rocked it! 

Mihai shared his expertise on “Implementing Clean Architecture” through the lens of the project he was a part of. 

Overall, it was an interesting session that left some of us curious to learn more about this subject. Others left the session motivated to implement it within their projects. 

Want to know more about some insights from our Learning & Development sessions? Stay tuned, because we have an article about that coming up soon!

August was the month of relaxation…

On August 1st, we raised our coffee cups to celebrate one incredible year in our new office space

From the day we stepped into this inspiring workplace, we knew it was the beginning of something extraordinary. It’s been a year of collaboration, innovation, and forming bonds that last even outside the office. 

To mark this special occasion, we gathered around the most delicious cake, savoring each sweet moment and reminiscing the exciting milestones we’ve achieved together. 

Our new office has witnessed many beautiful events, challenges, laughter, and growth that will stick with us for a long time.  We owe this milestone to our dedicated team members, whose passion and hard work continue to drive us forward. 

What better way to have a break, than to enjoy a piece of watermelon on a hot summer day? For Watermelon Day, our office was filled with the sweet aroma of fresh watermelon and melon, served in the most creative ways! 

Freshly cut fruit, smoothies, punches… it was the perfect treat for the summer heat and added some fun to our workday!

Learning and Development session about Communication Bottlenecks

In August, we had another Learning and Development session, and we learned that “If there’s one skill that people suck at, it’s communication.” 

We had Roman Gluck in the house speaking on the topic “Communication Bottlenecks”, and let us tell you, it was the reminder that everyone needs once in a while. 

The cherry on top?  The Q&A session! Some of us shared some real-life work situations, and after Roman answered them all, together we shared our own opinions on how we would act in those situations. Teamwork makes the dream work, right? 

A big shoutout to Roman Gluck for being an outstanding guide toward effective communication, and we hope this isn’t the last time we have you in our office!

We ended our summer with two traditional holidays – Independence Day and Romanian Language Day.

As we celebrated these two holidays, we had a beautiful mini expo with traditional Moldovan bits and pieces, that reminded us of the beautiful customs, and we can confidently say that we take immense pride in being part of this vibrant and diverse nation!

It is an honor to work alongside talented individuals from Moldova, contributing to the growth and development of both our company and Moldova as a whole. 
We cherish the opportunities and experiences we’ve had here and we thank our colleagues and partners for their continued support and collaboration.

We are so grateful for this summer. We had so many beautiful moments, that we couldn’t pick a favorite if we had to. Dear Autumn, we are ready to welcome you with new events!

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