Meet the team lead: Valeriu

Valeriu is the Project Manager and Team Lead at Staff Capital. He is positive, communicative, and passionate about being part of a great team. In almost a year that he’s been with us, we learned to love and sometimes even miss his sarcastic jokes.

Q: Take us back to your first days of working in IT, what hooked you in the beginning?

Well, I was passionate about creating something new and useful for others, making this product more attractive and easy to use. My thirst for challenges and readiness to solve any issue or gap in the processes of a company was as well my driver.

Q: Tell us please about StaffCapital. What were your first impressions when you started working with them?

I enjoyed the first days, as well as I, enjoy them now, because of the people’s relations within the company, everything is so easy, everyone so friendly, trying to help you and offering you support and good luck wishes. Integrating into the team was easy, also to work with the team was and still is a pleasure.

Q: Working for a Dutch company also involves interacting with people from another culture. Do you think this is a positive experience? If yes, why?

Working with a different culture than yours is indeed a good experience because you learn new things and see how other people react and act on different subjects either work-related or interpersonal ones. This is the first time I work for a Dutch company, it is interesting to see their approach to work and people management. By interacting with their culture, we are developing our own vision and character. We take the most interesting and modern elements and implement them into our day-to-day life.

Q: What do you like most about working with StaffCapital?

People. I’m really into people relations and communication. Here, at StaffCapital, I found people who are passionate about their job, and who like working with others including those with a different culture and vision, like us. I like their approach and way of performing their tasks, it’s different from what we are used to.

Q: What is your definition of “team”?

A team is a group of people who have the same goal within a time frame, they work together, each of them having an individual role within the team, at the same time trying to achieve the common goal by creating a specific part of the project and maintaining good communication.

Q: Do you think business trips to the Netherlands would be necessary to keep the spirit between teams alive? If yes, why?

Yes, this is a very good way of maintaining the bonds between the Moldovan and the Dutch teams, and getting a better understanding of StaffCapital’s values, goals, and plans. It gives the possibility to know each other better and collaborate not only remotely but also together, in the same office.

Q: Let’s talk war stories. What’s your favorite memory in the trenches of a team lead?

I had to approach a colleague that was not performing that well for some weeks already. Nobody knew what the reason for that was. He was spending more time watching videos on YouTube than working. I knew what I had to do, so first of all, I booked a one-to-one meeting with him to understand what the root of the problem is. During the meeting, I discovered that he didn’t find his tasks challenging enough. We tried to find the golden middle for the type of tasks he receives, as losing a teammate was not a solution. We agreed on a weekly discussion for the next period to make sure that he is satisfied with the work he is doing. Finally, he was feeling better and recovered himself, this altogether led to better results.

Q: What makes a Good Team Lead an Effective Leader?

From my point of view, a good team lead is proven effective only by the results of the team. If they achieved the goal and their results are good or even better, then we can say that the leader is not only good for the team but for the company as well.

Q: Who/what drives you forward today?

Challenges within the team and the desire to deliver something useful for the whole world.

Q: What are you most proud of from your time in this role?

I’m proud of the relationships within the team, the people that are responsible for their work, and the results that we are delivering. There is no specific thing that makes me proud and it’s more about where we are and what we did to achieve it.

Q: If you can turn back time, would you choose the same path?

Yes, totally! I think that the effort I have made over time brought me here and I’m happy with it. I like what I’m doing and my path toward achieving these results. Being a leader for my current team makes me really pleased. 

StaffCapital is a company aimed to help entrepreneurs grow faster by developing operating solutions that support them to better organize their staffing.

Learn more about them here.

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