Meet the team lead: Dorina

Dorina started her journey at BackstageIT as a Project Manager. She is the type of person always open to new ideas and challenges, that’s why she was promoted to team lead for the Packaly team as soon as the opportunity arose.Dorina can adapt to different situations and environments, she is friendly and copes with her…

Q: Take us back to your first days of working in IT. What hooked you in the beginning and made you choose this role?

I started as a Project Manager and felt confident in this role from day one, that’s why probably I was quickly promoted to being a Team Lead – so the role chose me, actually. Also, in my opinion, as a Team Lead, you have to be an example for your team, that’s why I tried to do my best and be good at what I do. I believe that Team Leads are born, not made, because there are abilities that you can not learn or train – you simply have them or not.

Q: Tell us please about Packaly. What were your first impressions when you started working with them?

The team welcomed me warmly from the beginning and I can say that this is the 1st project I truly enjoy working at. At Packaly every day is a learning day and people here are encouraged to try new things, make mistakes and learn from them. This is a great experience. 

Q: What do you like most about working with Packaly?

My favorite thing about working with Packaly is that I work in a company that is besides being business-oriented, also caring about the environment. Packaly is a delivery service. They deliver only by bicycle and via electric cars/vans and that’s what makes them different and special. I am so proud that, as part of the company, I have the opportunity to contribute to creating an environmentally friendly solution. Isn’t that great?

Q: Working for a Dutch company also involves interacting with people from another culture. Do you think this is a positive experience?

Absolutely! Interacting with people around the world has always been a positive experience. I can’t imagine how or why this could be something negative. By knowing more about different cultures, people, and countries, you expand your horizons, you should never be afraid of making new acquaintances. For me, if I have to choose to work on a local project or a foreign one – I will always choose the one from abroad.

Q: Do you think business trips to the Netherlands would be necessary in order to keep the spirit between teams alive? If yes, why?

Yes! Yes! Yes! One week on a business trip with the entire team keeps us inspired for months. It also helps the team from the Netherlands and Moldova find mutual interests and build better communication between them. I had this experience before and I definitely encourage all companies and teams to try and experience this. Meeting face-to-face people you have seen virtually for months brings a different vibe to the team. You care more about your colleagues, you understand them better, and you feel them closer as part of the team. This experience holds the team together and makes its members work as a whole. 

Q: What are your favorite memories since you work in this company?

My favorite memories start from the moment I was promoted. I was in the meeting room with two co-founders of Packaly, during their first visit to Moldova. We were talking about team performance, project goals, and plans (because I am also a Project Manager besides being a Team Lead), and after a short break, they said: Ok, we also need to discuss Team Lead’s position.

Me: Oh wow, who are you thinking about? (I was under the impression we will nominate a developer for that position), and they both said:

– YOU! 

The promotion was a nice surprise because that showed their trust and appreciation toward me.

Q: What makes a Good Team Lead an Effective Leader?

To be an Effective Leader, you should always put the team in first place and then think about yourself. 

Q: What is your definition of “team”?

For me, a team is people that have the same vision and end goal. And Packaly team represents this definition.

Q: What drives you forward today?

The confidence and trust that the company and the team have in me – that’s what makes me be enthusiastic about my job.  

Q: If you can turn back time, would you choose the same path?

Inborn leads will always find a way to fulfill their mission.  Regardless of the decisions you make, destiny will lead you on the right path. And I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could, because in this role and with this team I feel like I’m in the right place. 

Q: Any advice for those who want to succeed in their career? 

Don’t ever be afraid of changes, and don’t hesitate to take chances. Always be confident about yourself and your team.

Packaly is a Dutch on-demand delivery service that delivers parcels within 60 minutes or at the most convenient time possible.

What makes Packaly special is that they provide this piece completely CO2-neutral. They deliver only by bicycle and via electric cars and vans.

Packaly has a website and mobile application available on Google Play and App Store.

Learn more about them here.

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