Coding in comfort: why our modern office feels like home?

Creating an office space that feels like home is important for employee well-being. After all, there’s no place like home, right? At home, you can relax and do what you want – lay cozy on a sofa, watch TV, make a cup of coffee, or even have a nap. It’s all about comfort and familiarity.

So, how did we make our office feel like home?

We started with the kitchen, the heart of the office. It’s where colleagues cross paths, chat, and enjoy coffee or lunch together. It’s a place for bonding and connection.

To add comfort, we designed meeting rooms with musical themes and cozy decor. Visitors are always impressed by the colors and furniture choices.

Our auditorium is where ideas come to life. It’s a space for collaboration and inspiration, where employees share knowledge and creativity.

And let’s not forget the fish tanks! They are the most useful spaces in our office, whether we want to talk to someone calmly on the phone, or we want to have a short meeting – fish tanks are the right places to hide from the hustle and bustle of the office

We’ve also added sofas, TVs, game consoles, and sports tables (pool, table tennis) for some fun during breaks. It’s all about helping our employees relax and recharge.

Of course, we provide perks like soft drinks, coffee, tea, and snacks to keep everyone fueled and happy.

But all these would not be complete without our amazing cleaning ladies: “doamnele Aliona”. They’re like the office moms, making sure everything stays clean and tidy. But they’re not your average cleaners, they bring so much more to the table.

Doamnele Aliona greet us every day with big smiles and lots of energy. It’s like we have our sunshine rays in the office! They’re always supporting us with a kind word or tell us a funny story to cheer up our day.

From their cheerful greetings to their contagious laughter, they make our workspace feel cozy and welcoming, just like home.

And let’s talk about the little extras they do! They’ll leave some flowers on your desk, play a favorite song while they work and … always respect the dress code for a corporate party. It’s those thoughtful touches that really makes them different.

Doamnele Aliona are the heart and soul of our office. We’re so lucky to have them!

In the end, having an office that feels like home makes coming to work a joy. It’s a place where employees want to be, which ultimately keeps them happy and motivated.

Curious to see it in person? Feel free to reach out, and we’ll set up a tour for you!

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