A look back at BackstageIT’s 2023: Embracing moments, creating memories

Another year has gone by already, and we didn’t even feel it. To be honest, it feels like just a few weeks ago we did the 2022-year overview, and we’re already on the 2023 one.Let us take you through the highlights of this year in our company; we promise, it will be interesting.

Welcome to the end of the year, BackstageIT family! Buckle up, because we’re about to take a long trip down memory lane, revisiting all the awesome moments that made 2023 truly special.


Remember that epic tennis championship? We battled it out on the office “court,” channeling our inner Agassi and Sharapova, and started a newfound appreciation for a friendly competition (and maybe a few sore muscles).

And who could forget LEGO Day, where we transformed from serious adults into playful architects, building masterpieces brick by brick?


February, ahhh, February. A month of love, delicious pancakes, and maybe a few extra pounds (but let’s be honest, who’s counting?). We decked the halls (okay, maybe just the kitchen) with hearts and enough candy to make Willy Wonka jealous.

Then, just as the love buzz wore off, bam! Maslenitsa Week. The kitchen became a pancake and mulled wine heaven. The air smelled of our sweetest childhood memories. Now, who’s up for a pancake rematch?


Spring officially sprung on March 1st, and we embraced it with fresh tulips, sweet treats, and a whole lot of energy. The new season brought renewed energy, and we couldn’t wait to see what blossoms we’d cultivate together.

Then came International Women’s Day, a day to shower the amazing women in our midst with appreciation. We went all out—sushi, sweets, and enough heartfelt wishes to melt even the iciest of hearts.

But we weren’t done yet. St. Patrick’s Day has arrived.  We learned about leprechauns and shamrocks and even tried our hand at hitting the pot with golden coins. (Spoiler alert: no leprechauns were harmed, but a few wallets were significantly lighter.)


It was a month of pranks and surprises. We started it with our annual win-win lottery, an organized chaos of gifts and laughter. It was a much-needed break from the daily grind, reminding us that sometimes the best medicine is a good dose of silliness.

No Easter goes unnoticed at BackstageIT, so we already had prepared a sweet surprise for our colleagues: freshly baked panettone, a bottle of red wine, and a cozy hoodie to tuck ourselves in during the chilly days, although the smiles on everyone’s faces would’ve kept us warm all year-round.

April also brought us King’s Day. We transformed the kitchen into a mini-Norway, decorated in orange and overflowing with traditional treats. It was a day of shared laughter, cultural exchange, and maybe a few crumbs on the floor (but hey, that’s the sign of a good party, right?).


The month when we traded spreadsheets for stress balls and deadlines for downward-facing dogs. Yep, we went all-in for Mental Health Awareness Month, turning the office into a haven of Zen and self-care. In-office massages kneaded away our worries; Learning and development sessions filled our minds with mindfulness tips; and yoga classes stretched our bodies and calmed our souls.

By the end, we were feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the world (or at least tackle that next big project) with newfound energy.


We started the month swapping our spreadsheets for balloons and deadlines for candy. Kids Day was a day full of fresh strawberries, cotton (and not only) candy, and endless smiles. We were happy to share this tradition with our colleagues’ children as well.

But then came Bingo Day, proving that a little friendly competition never hurt anyone (except maybe our vocal cords from all the excited yelling). It was an interesting blend of concentration, anticipation, and pure, unadulterated fun.


July was pure summer magic. We had to start it off with the traditional BBQ party, escaping from the city for a few hours. After a delicious lunch, our adrenaline was pumping with Dutch and Moldovan games (double culture, remember?). As the sun dipped low, we cooled off by the pool, sipped on cocktails, and had the best-roasted pig you could ever imagine. And the highlight? A cozy bonfire under the stars, sharing stories, singing songs, and creating memories that will surely last us a lifetime.

We also celebrated International Chess Day with a week of intense battles and strategic moves. This chess fever even sparked a love for the game among newcomers, and we can’t wait for the next tournament to see who will take over the Chess King name.

And who says no to ice cream on a hot summer day? There is no other way we would celebrate Ice Cream Day than with a refreshing array of ice creams, and it’s safe to say that everyone loved it.


August was all about bittersweet farewells. No worries; we just slowly started to say goodbye to our lovely summer. Watermelon Day brought us not only juicy watermelons but also different fruits that transformed our office into a fragrant oasis.

Independence Day was a celebration of both festivity and reflection. We showcased Moldovan traditional decor elements as well as tasted some delicacies, honoring the country’s history.


September was dedicated to fitness, and it had everything you could ever imagine: kayaking, paintball, yoga, a healthy breakfast, and we even participated in the local marathon together. And yes, we didn’t stop there; every week we had some challenges. Now we know who’s doing their planks and squats regularly. Our thoughts with this event were to bring awareness to the importance of being active, but all it did was make us realize that most of our colleagues were in pretty good shape, and we couldn’t be more proud of that.


October brought us Coffee Day, where we tasted some dangerously tasty coffee as well as learned more about the history of coffee and unique brewing methods. Who knew that a simple thing like coffee could bond us so much?

On World Sight Day, to bring awareness to the importance of eye health, we filled a basket with carrots, nature’s candy packed with vision-boosting goodness, along with a reminder of our health check, which includes an eye check-up.

And then came the spooktacular Halloween. Our office transformed into a haunted haven, with creepy decorations and even creepier colleagues (just kidding, everyone looked amazing!). We laughed during the “Blind Cat Walking” and “Tic-Tac-Toe” challenges and devoured some spooky treats.


November was all about spreading kindness, as it was Volunteer Month in the office. We started the month with food delivery for the struggling elderly, delivering essential food and heartwarming smiles to those who needed both.

We also showered love on our furry friends at an animal shelter. We brought food, treats, and cozy blankets and even played with them a bit, giving them the love and attention they deserved.

And in the spirit of teamwork, we started the Good Deeds Challenge. Colleagues stepped up to help each other, earning stamps for every act of kindness, which they could swap for a small gift.


December was a whirlwind of tradition and joy. We started with a 90s Christmas party, “A blast from the past,” filled with familiar tunes and games. The dance floor was packed, and since we’re practically all kids of the 90s, everyone resonated with the whole party vibe. It was a reminder that some things never go out of style, especially a good time with good people.

Next came the yearly Secret Santa tradition, where we anonymously shared thoughtful gifts (and some pretty funny ones). It was a day of mystery, unwrapping, and laughter.

The ShoeBox Campaign this year is dedicated to a kindergarten in the north of Moldova. It’s something we do every year to make the holiday season extra special for the children in need.

And finally, we closed the year with Christmas presents as a token of appreciation for our colleagues. Each present was full of festive treats and goodies, a small gesture to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication this year. It was the perfect way to end the year.

Life is about moments

Birthday celebrations: From generic to personal
For over a year, we’ve enjoyed our monthly tradition of celebrating birthdays on the last Thursday of the month. But this year, we decided to take it up a notch and make each birthday even more special. Over the past six months, we’ve been surprising our colleagues with personalized cupcakes and gift boxes on their specific birthdays, making them feel truly valued and appreciated.

Personal events: Recognizing milestones

We’ve made it a tradition to celebrate our colleagues’ milestones with cakes, personalized gifts, and special attention. It’s been heartwarming to see their joy and appreciation when getting those surprises. We couldn’t be more proud of our clients for recognizing those milestones and rewarding their team members for their efforts. 

Cinema evening: Popcorn, drinks, and sharing moments
Our Cinema Evenings were born out of our colleagues’ love for our auditorium’s cozy cinema vibes. We created a special chat, set dates, and picked movies. For the past three months, after work, we’ve shared snacks, drinks, and our thoughts on movies. It’s a different way to hang out with our colleagues, in the best way possible.

Team Leaders’ Dinner: Bonding beyond work
Our exclusive Team Leaders Dinner provides an opportunity for our leaders to connect and socialize with their peers. The relaxed atmosphere encourages open conversations and allows our leaders to relax from their professional side. We also invite a speaker to address popular topics, leaving our colleagues with valuable insights and knowledge. This initiative reflects our belief in a strong sense of community. After all, work isn’t just about projects and deadlines, it’s about the people who make the journey memorable.

Learning & Developing: Kaizen in action

This year, we launched our “Learning & Development” project, bringing together colleagues enthusiastic about improving themselves. We’ve organized a series of knowledge gatherings with diverse topics presented by various speakers, covering everything from public speaking to organizing workflow, and many more. What makes us particularly proud is that some colleagues have been inspired to become speakers for the project. This inspires us to come up with more interesting sessions and speakers, and we plan to continue this initiative into the upcoming year.

And that, BackstageIT fam, is just a glimpse into our incredible year. We laughed, we learned, we grew, and most importantly, we gave back. Here’s to another year of adventures, challenges, and most importantly, memories we’ll cherish forever. Happy holidays, and may the new year bring even more laughter, success, and good times.

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