10 reasons to join the BackstageIT team

Are you looking for a dynamic and challenging work environment where you can grow both personally and professionally? Come to BackstageIT! In this blog post, we’ll share 10 compelling reasons why you should consider joining the BackstageIT team. From our innovative culture to our commitment to work-life balance, we have something for everyone.

Don’t know anything about us besides our name? Well, let us introduces ourselves. We’re a dynamic company, with a diverse company culture (and we have proof, check our Instagram page, wink-wink). The coolest people? You guessed it, they’re here, daily, in our amazing new office.

Let’s dive into the points we think are good reasons why you should join us, maybe we can convince you to check us out:

  1. You will experience a double culture ring:
    Basically, a double culture ring means that you get to interact with the company you work for, as well as BackstageIT’s culture. Why is this a good thing? While working for the main company you get to interact a lot with their in-house team, it sometimes can get lonely being so far from them, especially if you are a social person. But being in the office you get to interact with the members from the other teams within BackstageIT.
  1. We offer a great set of benefits:
    From daily lunches and snacks to private medical checkups, we got it all. The list is so long that sometimes we forget some of them, so let us write them down here: 
  • Daily shared lunches
  • Yearly health check-up at Medpark
  • Loyalty program
  • Prepaid Udemy and Laracast accounts
  • Referral bonus for internal and external recommendations
  • Free English courses
  • Fun ways to relax: PlayStation, table tennis, table football
  • Corporate events for employees and their families
  • Beverage fridge, free coffee, tea, fresh fruits
  • Modern equipment
  • Official employment and social package
  • Modern and comfortable workplace

Do these sound appealing? They certainly do to us, since we enjoy using most of them every day.

  1. You can push your career to the next level:
    At BackstageIT we understand the importance of professional growth and this is why one of our goals is to continuously foster it. Joining our team means gaining access to a multitude of resources, including training courses, certifications, attending industry conferences and events, and the chance to work on exciting projects. While this is a risk for us, because skilled professionals are always head-hunted, we acknowledge that investing in talent is the only way to obtain quality specialists. 
  1. We offer the possibility of professional development:
    By staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, a developer can expand his expertise and stay ahead in the IT industry, which is continuously evolving. Because of this, we developed a system where anyone can get the opportunity to have a budget for their professional development, as well as personal, just by being proactive and participating in the BackstageIT’s culture.  Moreover, we started our Learning & Development sessions, to engage our teams in learning more things from their professional activity, as well as outside of it. Topics like financial freedom, public speaking, workplace organizing, and so on, really seem to interest a lot of people, and since these are voluntary sessions, anyone can choose to come listen or speak on a specific topic they choose.
  1. You get multiple travel opportunities:
    Joining the Backstage IT team opens the door to exciting travel opportunities. Because we work with clients from Europe, as a team member you will have different trips with the company you work for, such as team building, experience exchange, or celebration of achievement within the company. Either way, these trips are fun and dilute your day-to-day routine tasks.
  1. Experience with an international company and team:
    As mentioned before, we work with clients in Europe, meaning you get the chance to work alongside professionals from diverse backgrounds. Collaborating with colleagues from different countries and cultures enriches your perspective, broadens your knowledge, and improves your way of collaborating with others.
  1. You get the right empowerment and recognition at work:
    At Backstage IT, your contributions are recognized and valued. Yes, this sounds fancy, but so far we’ve tried to personalize the way we can empower and recognize someone’s achievement within their team. By doing it, we can motivate people to be proactive, and more importantly – to want to do more. And we’ve seen this method works amazingly for both sides.
  1. We create an inspiring place to work:
    This is actually our continuous mission. The BackstageIT team is composed of passionate people, who are driven to excel at their job. By joining us, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded professionals who will indirectly inspire and motivate you to learn until achieve your full potential, and even after that.
  1. You will join us in the best team buildings and events:
    Asides from the team building you will have from the client’s side, there is also the opportunity to participate in our always-awaited events such as Annual BBQ Party, Programmer’s Day, and Christmas Party, as well as our regular monthly events, such as Bingo Day, Chess Tournament, Tennis Tournament, Tourism Day, and many more others that provide opportunities to bond with your colleagues, share stories, and build lasting relationships.
  1. We are fun and friendly:
    Lastly, the BackstageIT team knows how to have fun! Throughout time we’ve convinced ourselves that a positive and friendly work environment improves productivity and overall job satisfaction. This is why we’re always trying new things, like organizing different themed events on a monthly basis, implementing interesting challenges within the office, arranging massage and yoga sessions, and many more. All of this is to assure a positive and friendly environment, where anyone could feel welcome and appreciated. 

Joining the Backstage IT team offers a multitude of benefits, and anyone from our present and ex-colleagues can vouch for it. Come join our fun and friendly team, and let us convince you that all mentioned above is actually true.

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